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Rain Water Diverters

Rain water Diverter kits – is it worth it??

A small piece of kit that can help to regulate the amount of water you are storing; usually in a garden water butt.

It looks unimpressive a tube a box like contraption and maybe a washer or two. You’ll probably install your water butt and find it inside; you might even not bother to put in on right away.


Ignore that voice that tells you to not bother………. It’s definitely worth doing!

That selection of understated plastic bits will help stop your water butt overflowing and causing problems in the future.

Who wants to have to run out in the middle of a deluge? That panic moment you run outside fumbling around with your water butt to stop the cascading waterfall its created? Definitely ending in soggy socks and a stern reminder to yourself to sort it out (when it stops raining).

Installation –

  1. Take the lid off your water butt. Find the hole; located on the top section of the water butt

(if not there find drill points on the top section and drill a 25mm hole)


  1. Push the diverter connector through the hole from the inside (the narrow tube).


  1. Use the washer and nut on the outside of the water butt to secure the diverter connector tube.


  1. Place your water butt near to the downpipe.


Quick reminder if you have a water butt on a stand make sure you place the water butt on it before the next step.

  1. A 30mm section of down pipe needs removing. This section must measure 10mm below the top of the water butt. Then the cut for the 30mm must be made measuring down from the 10mm point.


6.Fit the diverter kit body into the downpipe. The square end facing up into the cut pat of the downpipe.


7.Connect the diverter body in the downpipe to the diverter connector in the water butt using the tube.


Now you have an efficient system that will stop more water entering an already full water butt; any excess will continue down the downpipe and a under filled water butt can be topped up by rainfall. Not a long job but one that will save you soggy socks!

Now rain water will fill to the level of your diverter, if you water butt still overflows raise you water butt up a bit.

Avoid doing the below…..

Straight Water Butt Rain Diverter Kit for Square 65mm & Round 68mm Pipe


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