Installing a French Drain Soakaway – it’s pretty simple really

Installing a french drain soakaway is very simple and it’s a great floor prevention measure for your garden.

It really is a simple as digging a 1 metre* (as deep as you can until you hit the water table really) deep trench along the perimeter or front of your garden / driveway usually about 500mm wide. Keep back some of the soil excavated to back-fill later.

Make the trench as uniform as you possibly can. Depending on the width and depth you then need a non-woven fleece membrane to line the trench and prevent soil and silt clogging your new soakaway, we have the perfect solution in 1.1 and 2.25 metre widths to line the trench.

1.1 x 10m GeoTexitile Membrane Fabric – Strong Non Woven Geo Textile Membrane Fleece 11m2

Once the trench is filly lined with your geo textile membrane including sufficient overlap (300-500mm) you then need to fill the trench with clean stone. You can buy clean stone most cost effectively from any local builders merchant or even B&Q.

Now wrap the fleece membrane around and over the stone back-fill again keeping an overlap on the seams and back-fill to ground level with some of your soil you dug out initially.

Upgrade your French Drain ?

If you fear that your ground is not permeable enough to soakaway properly (it usually is) you can consider adding in an upgrade in the form of some perforated land drain. This land drain adds benefit as it has hundreds of little holes and when placed in the middle of your clean stone black fill it takes all the water form the stones and surrounding area and runs it to more permeable parts of your install and if needed to a surface drain or large soakaway.

The geotextile membrane and clean stone filter the water so your perforated pipe should not become clogged and will take the water away and prevent flooding.


It’s the perfect, relatively easy to install solution. All made possible by some simple non-woven filtration membrane.



2.25 x ? GeoTexitile Membrane Fabric – Strong Non Woven Geo Textile Membrane Fleece – 2.25x?m


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