Jobs for May  

Hopefully your looking forward to the bank holiday/s to come. So lets get out and about in the garden. So this blog is looking forward into May and what to do in the garden; while enjoying your outdoor space and improving it at the same time. The list of jobs can be daunting and each type of plant can need different care. I’ve tried to simplify it to a concise list of jobs that will hopefully be of use to all. Even if you have a few garden pots in your yard or a large lawn and large borders.

  1. Mow the lawn weekly

  2. Keep on top of weeds

  3. Ventilate he greenhouse on warm days

  4. Be vigilant for pests

  5. Water plants early or late (when the sun isn’t out)

  6. Plant out summer flowers

  7. Plant vegetables e.g. Beans, carrots


The Days are getting longer and everything is ready to grow.

So its now the time to keep on top of everything! Daunting I know! Remember though 2018 is the year of the garden. Getting out and about in your outdoor spaces is a great way to enjoy the weather

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