Hose Pipe Ban

Hose Pipe Ban Planning Following on from a recent blog about saving water its been announced that a hose pipe ban from united utilities will come into force in north west England on 5th August. As well as the ongoing ban In Northern Ireland. The main restrictions include: Watering a garden and/or plants using a […]


This weeks blog is going to focus on one of the most loved garden plants. Roses,   Roses were developed in 18868 in France and over the years 300 types have been created. These vary in colour, size, fragrance. All roses are perennial and can live and grow for a long time. Roses are also […]


Water warnings around Britain and a hose pipe ban in N. Ireland. Not good news for the plants in this HOT weather! My own garden has enjoyed he sun and has grown massively; but as the heat continues some items are looking a bit scorched. Over the weekend I received a text message from my […]