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This weeks blog will focus on the issue of leaf scorch. 

After a spell of unseasonably hot weather recently you may find some of your new or growing plays are suffering to some degree.

Leaf scorch can be caused by high temperatures, high winds, low soil moisture and in some cases fungus or bacteria.

To protect your plants from the most common case of wind scorch by temperature. there a few simple things you can do.

  • Provide you plant a thick layer of mulch 4-6 inches
  • Water liberally in the morning before the sun rises
  • Provide shade
  • If you can move any potted plants into the shade
  • Provide an irrigation system

If you believe your leaf scorch is fungus or bacterial you can apply an antibacterial treatment to the plant yearly.

Whatever type of leaf scorch you have – Don’t worry apart from looking a bit sad and dry your plant can recover!

New growth can and will occur. The plant will naturally drop the burnt leaves; so there is no need to cut back you plant.

While the plant has sun scorched leaves and when leaves are lost, it will require less watering. Also be careful to water the plant slowly so the water has time to soak into the soil.


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