Now available – Divertron Pumps

Automatic water pump – Turns on and off automatically to provide pressurised water from a tank, well or any source on demand.



These pumps are great! They are so simple all they need is the pipe attaching and plugging in and they will give you pressurised water to easily match mains pressure on demand.

DAB Divertron Pumps – 1000X and 1200X

Fully Submersible pumps

Uses – 



Rainwater harvesting

Irrigation Systems

Features –

Easy to install and use

Non-return valve

Rollerball float switch

Built-in pressure switch




Divertron 1000
Pressure Range: 3.6 – 0.8 bar
Flow Range: 0.5 – 5.0 m³/h
Motor Size: 0.65kW
Current: 3.8 amps

Garden usage

Divertron 1200
Pressure Range: 4.8 – 1.1 bar
Flow Range: 0.5 – 5.0 m³/h
Motor Size: 0.75kW
Current: 4.8 amps

Multiple outlets e.g flush toilets/ run washing machine 

Feed your outdoor tap with mains pressure but with your harvested rainwater!


Also now available a flotation extraction pump.

Keeps your water clear and keeps out sediment.



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