OCTOBER – Half Term Fun

Autumn Nature Hunt Half term fun with your kids, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends, dogs the list is endless. Lets get out and about in you local area. Keep the kids occupied with an autumn treasure hunt. Its easy to think of the items to find, leaves, seeds, stones, pinecones, twigs, birds, acorns, flowers etc etc […]

Autumn – Garden Jobs

Autumn – Garden Jobs Why not do some autumn jobs that will pay off for the rest of the year Ways to re-use and recycle through autumn and winter for the new seasons to come.     Your garden will thank you! Hugel beds A Hugel bed is a great way to create fertiliser and […]

October 2019

October – 2019 Firstly, how did we get to October so quickly! Autumn is now here, and October has started. Temperatures are dropping and maybe its time to prep for winter your thinking?? Well October can be a great month to keep your gardening going. Just be sure to have those waterproofs and wellies ready […]