OCTOBER – Half Term Fun

Autumn Nature Hunt

Half term fun with your kids, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends, dogs the list is endless.

Lets get out and about in you local area. Keep the kids occupied with an autumn treasure hunt.

Its easy to think of the items to find, leaves, seeds, stones, pinecones, twigs, birds, acorns, flowers etc etc

You can evern tailor it to the age of children and to the area you will visit. Will there be houses? maybe you could add halloween decorations for something to spot. With younger children just do pictures of items. Older children can look for specific lef types and species of tree.

Make sure to take a bucker or bag to collect items. The children are sure to have to keep something from their adventure. Also dont forget to wrap up warm and take those boots and wellies in case of mud!




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