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December Gardening

That last month of the year brings with it a number of different weathers and a slowing down in the garden.

But nothing in the garden is ever stopped.

A quick round up of the december jobs you may have for your garden t finish the year!

  1. Insulate outdoor taps/ water pipes /diverter kits
  2. Prune hedges and fruiting plants
  3. Keep checking on those vulnerable and newly planted plants – hopefully they will be wrapped up/covered and doing fine.
  4. Snow! dont panic, can you uncover any plants or hedges. shake it off trees and shrubs. Be careful if dusting off a large hedge that you dont imitate a snowperson!
  5. Use cuttings for mulch
  6. Any alpine plants? clear these of fallen leaves – they are not a fan of mulch.
  7. plant any last minute bulbs
  8. clear pots of fallen leaves – add them to your compost heap
  9. Check on your potted plants – also hopefully gathered together in a sheltered location
  10. Keep those indoor plants close to the window for best light exposure
  11. Keep watering to a minimum

A few small jobs for those december days ready for a new year of garden adventures.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 
from all at Spudulica Home and Garden.


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