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The Veg Patch – Is it time for a new challenge? – 2020

Vegetable patch

A new year calls for a new challenge – Maybe you’ve been growing in your garden for a few years and fancy trying something new?

Possibly in conjunction with a new health regime or fed up of seeing all that plastic packaging or concerned that the country of origin is from across the globe.

Starting a vegetable patch is a great way to try something new; get out and about and save money in the long run.

Remember to start small, plan what kind of veg you eat and decide what to grow from that selection. This approach means that there will be little to no waste; as you get more proficient you can up scale your patch if you are running short on anything. It’s also, worth remembering that some veggies have multiple crops e.g. tomatoes, onions. Others only provide one e.g. sweetcorn.

Make sure you can find the right spot, an unused bed, a planter, you can even mix veg into your flower bed if you have room. Does this area have sun, plenty of access to water and good soil? Maybe planning on paper will help you to make sense of what you want, also helping if you need to fit in new veg plants with established planting. Having some veggies mixed in with plants can help to reduce space for weeds and help to attract more helpful insects to your garden.

Remember to prepare your soil by digging out weeds providing fertiliser and mulching.

Sow your seeds as described on their packets and make sure to label each section, so you can keep track of what you have and what’s growing.


Easy to grow

Salad leaves






You can always start by sowing your seed indoors now especially if your experiencing frost in your area. Ready to plant out in March, or just do your prep and planning now and sow directly outdoors March to May.

Lets hope you can have a 2020 filled with your own vegetables to eat!

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