Woven Geotextile membrane

There are 2 main types of geotextile fabrics permeable and impermeable.
At Spudulica.co.uk we specialise in permeable membranes.

Within the permeable selection we also have 2 main types this week we are covering 


Geotextile membrane


Uses: Stabilisation, Reinforcement – ground and sub base
Applications: Erosion control, Weed Control, Car Parks, High Traffic Driveways.
Woven geotextile membrane – Fabric created by interlinking 2 or more sets of fibres with a tensile strength of 16KN/M.
Thickness – 0.47mm
CBR Puncture Resistence – 1800 N
Avalaibel in 4.5x100m (450m2)



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