2020 – Recessed drain covers

Do you need drainage access? Do you need this access in an area where a large metal cover will be unsightly?

At Spudulica.co.uk we can help!


Our aluminium recessed drain access covers have an inset tray to allow you to still gain access to your pipes and drainage whilst providing a base for tiling, blocks or grass.

No need for a large metal cover to spoil your outdoor or indoor spaces.

All covers are tested to EN124 European standard and are extruded aluminium making them corrosion resistant.  Covers can be used indoors and outdoors.

Covers come in double sealed (DS) or triple sealed (TS). Both types are odour and wate proof and included lifting keys. The covers also include EPDM (synthetic rubber) seals and a reinforced mesh.


We have a multitude of sizes in both double sealed and triple sealed. All covers are 60mm depth the triple sealed selection is also extended by a range of ultra-shallow depth trays at 40mm.

Remember that you need to measure your drainage access covers/manhole cover based on clear opening. The opening size will only refer to the opening part of the cover and not include the frame needed to house it.


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