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Soakaway Kits – Spudulica home and garden

Soakaway Kits at Spudulica

Do you need a soakaway to store and divert water to prevent localised flooding in your garden or driveway?

A soakaway can store water and allow it to seep into the ground slowly, preventing a build up of water and allowing it time to get into the surrounding soil.

It can be used directly from drainpipes and gutters too.

No need to just dig a hole and fill it with broken stones,

Soakaway kits at Spudulica.co.uk

provide 190L crates

Size -1000mmx500mmx400mm

With a 100gsm geotextile membrane

And geotextile tape

A ready made solution for your soakaway needs.

Just need to dig a hole to get started.

The kits can be bought in a variety of sizes-

190L, 380L, 760L, 1140L, 1520L, 1900L, 2280L

Buy the number of crates needed by the Litre and supplied with it is the correct size non-woven geotextile membrane and geotextile tape for securing.

 get all the needed items in one order!

Non-woven geotextile membrane is crucial to the longevity of your project ensuring water can flow but not particles of silt. Silt build up can over time make your soakaway less effective. The tape is also needed to ensure that the geotextile stays in place to filter efficiently. It is specially formulated to attach to the geotextile and not be loosened by water it may encounter.





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