Moving seedlings outside -2021

Your seeds have had a great start indoors, now its time to move them outside.

Ready to make your spring/summer garden look fabulous!

The process of hardening off seeds is easy.

Once your seedling has 2/3sets of leaves its time to gradually move them outside.

Find a sheltered place in the garden. You could always create one with some geotextile membrane and a wall or between pots you already have out.

First move your seedlings to a shady spot for a few hours then bring indoors. Night can still be a bit cold for seedlings so best to take them in pre 5pm.

Then as each day goes by put them in a sunnier spot until you work up to a full sun location.

This allows the little plants to get used to the sun and prevent leaf scorch.

Once they have had full sun exposure over several days usually 1-2 weeks you can plant out your new indoor grown plants. Each spell outside also can be increased over this period. The longer the hardening off process the hardier the future plants will be.

Now just to keep an eye on the little plants to stop the pests getting to them.

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