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Recessed aluminum manhole Gallery & How to measure

Measuring for your new recessed manhole cover

The main issue with manhole covers is in measuring sizes. Switching old with new can throw up some different size issues. But the most common issue is a mistake made in the part of the cover measured before ordering.

We are always on hand to help with any measuring queries before purchase. Call or email our helpful team can always give you their helpful advice.

All manhole covers are sold on clear opening size, this is the aperture size once the cover has been removed from the frame.

To get this measurement from a circular cover removes the cover and measure from the inside walls of the frame from one side to the other across the opening.

A square or rectangular cover measurement is again after the cover has been removed from the frame. Measure the width and the length from the inside walls of the frame and also the height of the frame.

These will both give you an accurate size for the clear opening of the new cover you need.

The clear opening is the part of the cover that opens and sits within the frame the overall size is the cover and the frame size together. Overall size of the frame does not automatically mean that the clear opening size will be the same as you currently have.

Measure the opening size to determine your requirements!

Do not assume it will be the same when replacing an old cover.

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