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What is a warning geotextile layer?

What do I need a warning layer for?

This geotextile is specifically made to be a bright orange warning layer.

Are you developing a brownfield site that might contain hazards from previous use or contamination?

Want to create a warning so that future developers of the land are fore warned of an area?

This bright orange geotextile is for you!

This strong woven geotextile is a great way to provide a warning and a separation layer between potentially hazardous ground and layers on top. The woven geotextile is a sheet created with woven plastic stands to provide a strong and robust layer within the soil. The geotextile is also a great stabilisation layer and can stand pressure from above. Keeping your new layers of sand/soil/grit etc away from contaminates below.

All available at Spudulica.co.uk in a range of sizes, if you need a full roll just call for a quote.

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