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Woven geotextile membrane

Woven Geotextile membrane is a versatile product used for high weight and strength applications.

Woven geotextile is a material made from woven polypropylene tapes that together form a plastic fabric layer. This membrane is usually black.

This type of membrane is used for weed suppression, ground stabilisation layers, reinforcement layers and erosion control.

Woven geotextile membrane is great for parking areas or roads, that need a strong and long-term ground solution.  

Woven geotextile membrane is not good for water filtration.

Technical properties:

  • Tensile strength – 20.0 kN/m – EN ISO 10319
  • Elongation at break 15% – ENISO 10319
  • Puncture resistance 1800 N – EN ISO 12236

At Spudulica Home and Garden we can cater to any project big or small.

We can supply 4.5x100m (450m2) full rolls to smaller sizes. Or a cut down roll of 2.25x100m (225m2).

Smaller sizes include –

2.25m width – 2.25x2m (4.5m2), 2.25x5m (11.25m2), 2.25×8.8m (20m2), 2.25x10m (22.5m2)

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