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Autumn Hunt with the Kids

Why not get those wellies on and go for a weekend or evening scavenger hunt with the kids? Grandkids? Or even big kids!

You could have a competition who sees all the items first? Or split up the hunt so that everybody has something to look for.

In autumn there is so much to see and spot all the changes in your local plants and trees.

This hunt is aimed at younger children, but it could easily be added too for those older kids who tag along.

Autumn Hunt ideas –


Green Leaf/Brown leaf/Yellow leaves

Winged Seed
Red Leaves

A plant in flower


There are loads of things to choose from and you can be specific to your location. what about spotting a bare tree, different leaf shapes or tree types. What about adding wildlife – squirrels, spiders or their webs. Conkers and pine cones are another great things to spot that you can only see in Autumn.

Remember to get out and enjoy yoursleves exploring your local area, learning about Autumn is a great way to introduce a love of the outdoors and nature.

Then who can resist a coffee or hot chocolate after to warm up??

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