Garden Edging – How to install

Now for 2022 our first blog series will be highlighting Garden organisation.

Easy jobs that don’t take too much time and effort that can help your outdoor spaces to be more productive, pretty, and ready for all the seasons for 2022.

Our first blog will highlight – Garden Flexible Edging.

This easy to use and no dig garden edging, provides an easy way to delineate garden areas. Want to create a new border? Line a path edge? Edge a tree within a lawn? Flexible edging is for you.

This recycled plastic product is flexible and is a no dig solution.

How to install garden edging?

  • Be sure to clear the area you want to edge first, remove any leaves or unwanted items.
  • Simply place the L shaped edging pieces down in place.
  • Move and bend the edging to your requirements – Edging is perfect for curves.
  • Hold in place and using the ground pegs supplied pin in place using a mallet.
  • The subsequent pieces will then overlap to the next piece – 5cm overlapping section.
  • Continue along the area you want to edge.
  • Stand back and check, pieces can be lifted and re positioned with ease.
  • Once in place you can tidy/ cover up the pinned sections by covering with mulch, chippings, lawn etc.

Garden edging is an easy solution for creating organised borders and pathways for 2022.

Edging is now available at – easy to buy the length you require. With many length options.

Each piece is 80cm length with a 5cm overlapping section.

Available in Green and Black

Available in 2 heights – 60mm and 45mm

Supplied with 2x ground pins per piece.

No excuses its that simple, measure and order what you need and get this year in the garden off to a great start.



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