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EcoGrid Permable Paving – Extended range covering all your project needs.

A new stock of EcoGrid products to add to our stock of E40.

More choices for your project requirements. Again more permeable paving solutions that are 100% recycled and carbon neutral.

What is EcoGrid?

EcoGrid is a world renowned permeable paving grid manufactured in Germany. Its carbon natural and 100% recycled.

Are there different types of EcoGrid?

Yes, see the handy guide to loading and uses for each type.



Do I need to use permeable paving?


yes! Non permeable surfaces are now being phased out in the UK see our blog on UK DRIVEWAY LEGISLATION.

Is EcoGrid easy to install?

Yes patented system – see the handy video


What Type of EcoGrid to I need to use?


Pedestrian grid suitable for gardening and landscaping, pathways, cycle lanes

30mm height


Carry load up to 250t/sqm filled

100% recycled





Strongest paving grid in the range

Pedestrians, landscaping, vehicles, lorries,


Up to 1000 t/sqm filled

Wall height 50mm

Carry load up to 40t axle load DIN 1072

Tested for roads and footbridge use

Ready to use for construction sites, roads, railways, loading areas, parking areas, erosion control, slope stabilisation, temporary surfaces. Access routes, events, access roads.





200 curved bars for more elasticity, giving it the ability to move and not crack. Like straight bared versions. Giving a more forgiving surface for horses hooves. Low maintenance can be used all year round. Also great for horse walkers, paddocks and  access roads.

Picture – EcoGrid layers horse – saved


Wall thickness 2.5mm

Carry load up to 250 t/sqm filled

A more elastic solution, still are very high loading capacity but with the ability of flex.

Camping, golf, erosion protection, riverbank reinforcement slope stabilisation, path ways. Best used for equestrian arenas and paddocks. 




What ever your project we have a permeable solution for you!

any questions give us a call on 0151 515 1415 or email at hello@spudulica.co.uk

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