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Winter Plant and Pot Protection – What can I do?

At Spudulica we are passionate about having geotextile sizes for any garden project.

We have sizes from 1.1x1m to full rolls, we cut in house so you can always ask what we can do for you.

At the moment we are all thinking about winter,

Do you have any vulnerable plants or pots that need protecting?

We now have a specific size cut just for you!


1.1 x 3m

narrow width for easy handling 1.1m width

3m linear to cover plants in a planter or to wrap a particularly vulnerable plant sufficiently

Non-woven membrane allows water and air through and provides a barrier that is lightweight and will keep heat in.

How to cover your plant?

Carefully cover any branches with the membrane making sure the plant is covered all around with no gaps.

You can always use a frame work of canes if you don’t want to lay the membrane over any leaves.

Gaps can be easily fixed with tape or pegs

Consider if you need the pot needs covering too, if so extend the membrane down and under the pot as well. Be careful if pot is heavy, it might be best to just move the plant to a more sheltered area and just wrap the plant within.

Just keep in mind you will need to be sure that the membrane is secure in case of high winds and storms.

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