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What is Woven Geotextile Membrane? What is it used for?

  • What is woven geotextile?

Woven geotextile is a fabric made from woven together strands of plastic tape. It is then heated at the edges to make a secure fabric.

  • What is woven geotextile used for?

Woven geotextile is a versatile fabric that is used for stability and weed suppression. It is used for heavier weight and heavier duty projects.

  • What is better woven or non-woven?

Both types of geotextile work well for many types of projects, but both have their own specialities.

Woven – stability, heavier loading, erosion control, weeds suppression long term.

Non-woven – drainage stabilisation layers and SUDS projects. 

  • Can water pass through woven geotextile?

Yes it can but not as quickly or efficiently as non-woven geotextile. Water will pass through very slowly and due to the nature of the fabric particles may also get through any gaps in the woven tapes of the fabric.

  • How long does woven geotextile last?

Once installed in the ground over 50 years.

  • What does GSM mean?

Grams per sq metre is a standard measure of the weight of any fabric.

Woven fabric uses 

  • Driveways and Roads – The base layer of heavy loading applications
  • Erosion Control – Added to banks to prevent soil movement.
  • Weed Suppression – Added to prepared soil to prevent weeds without the need for pesticides. A long term solution.
  • Horse Arenas – Base layer to provide more support to surfaces when used heavily.

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