The Shaded Garden

SHADED GARDEN Do you have a shady garden??  North facing?? Or an area of the garden that’s covered by trees and hedges? These gardens can still be beautiful and full of life – they just need to managed a bit differently. Some areas of shaded gardens can be dry so just remember to keep mulching […]

July and August Jobs

  A look ahead into July/August in the garden Lets hope we are in for a continuation of the lovely weather that’s persisted through May and June so far!   Firstly with this hotter weather we need to think about providing water for our garden birds and for our young or newly planted plants. Plants […]

annuals or perennials??

Annuals or Perennials??   If your new to the gardening bug, then you might be undecided on what type of plants to fill your garden or plant pots. Annuals and perennials are two categories of plants that can really add something to your garden. Annuals live for one year and include lavender, geranium, dianthus. This […]