up grading your office space the green way

Now we are working from home more or hoping to move to more home working. We need to make a new space for a home office environment. It doesn’t have to be boring…… It is an easy and fun way to brighten up any space –using plants. Let us have a think about the space […]

December – in doors

Do not forget your indoor plants this December. Yes, the year is ending, and you have got your outdoor plants sorted. Let us take a look at our indoor ones. Indoor plants will also be going dormant in the winter, make sure you limit the watering. Keeping up with your usual watering schedule may lead […]

Bringing the outdoors indoors!!

The great part about gardening is that you can do it anywhere even inside. It’s a great way finish off a room and scratch that gardening itch; without having to have any outside space. Just remember the daily watering! Another way to go is with cactus or succulent plants if you don’t think you can […]