Alloments – Get your own and grow your own.

Got an allotment? We’ve got you covered. Well aren’t you the lucky one, in some areas of the county waiting lists for allotments can be up to years long. You need to get to our site at for all those allotment essentials. If you want an allotment you need to go to your local […]

The benefits of gardening

The benefits of gardening – Spudulica home and garden blog – April 2019 “Stress Awareness Month has been held every April, since 1992 to increase public awareness about both the causes and cures for our modern stress epidemic. Despite this running for 20 years we have got a long way to go. According to the […]

Geotextiles Recap

Geotextiles – Does your project need them? Geotextile membranes (non-woven) are a great product that can have many uses within your garden or outdoor project. From soakaway crates, weed prevention, and filtration to name a few. With this variety of uses do they meet your requirements? How will you use them? Just a quick blog […]

DIY – Bird Feeders

Looking after your gardens birds As the winter closes in it gets harder for your local wildlife to find food. You garden is winding down for winter loosing leaves, berries, and flowers. Birds can really struggle at this time of year so its great idea to help them along and keep them coming into your […]

November – Winding down the garden

Winter Tasks As November begins it gives us a few more chances to get the garden prepped for winter before the cold and snow. The lovely autumnal colours are everywhere, and it can really give your garden a new look and feel. Let’s get out in the leaves and get the garden prepped.   Firstly, […]


     Gardens for Dogs Mans best friend needs consideration in your outdoor spaces. You may think that any outdoor space is good for your four-legged friend but there can be many aspects of the garden to consider. Firstly, safety does your dog have the opportunity to escape? Are fences and walls sturdy and high? […]

The Shaded Garden

SHADED GARDEN Do you have a shady garden??  North facing?? Or an area of the garden that’s covered by trees and hedges? These gardens can still be beautiful and full of life – they just need to managed a bit differently. Some areas of shaded gardens can be dry so just remember to keep mulching […]


This weeks blog is going to focus on one of the most loved garden plants. Roses,   Roses were developed in 18868 in France and over the years 300 types have been created. These vary in colour, size, fragrance. All roses are perennial and can live and grow for a long time. Roses are also […]


Water warnings around Britain and a hose pipe ban in N. Ireland. Not good news for the plants in this HOT weather! My own garden has enjoyed he sun and has grown massively; but as the heat continues some items are looking a bit scorched. Over the weekend I received a text message from my […]

July and August Jobs

  A look ahead into July/August in the garden Lets hope we are in for a continuation of the lovely weather that’s persisted through May and June so far!   Firstly with this hotter weather we need to think about providing water for our garden birds and for our young or newly planted plants. Plants […]