Summer Break – Garden Tips

Looking after your garden when your away   The summer holidays are about to start, and most of us are looking forward to a summer break. It might be a week abroad, a family weekend catch up or a series of days out. Our gardens are going to taking a back seat to our activities. […]

looking ahead to June/July

June/ July – preview Let’s look ahead to the summer garden. We are nearly in the beginning of summer hopefully the warmer weather will appear, and we can all start taking more time out in the garden. In June/July your garden is at its peak, plants are ready to make their best display. Your garden […]


This weeks blog is going to focus on one of the most loved garden plants. Roses,   Roses were developed in 18868 in France and over the years 300 types have been created. These vary in colour, size, fragrance. All roses are perennial and can live and grow for a long time. Roses are also […]