20m2 Woven geotexile membrane

20m2 piece of black woven membrane (2.25×8.88m)



20m2 Black Strong Woven Membrane – Weed Control Ground Stabilisation


20m2 piece of black woven membrane (2.25×8.88m)

100gsm strong woven weed control fabric/stablilisation fabric, allows water to drain through and still provides weed suppression, puncture resistant and suitable for foot and vehicular traffic so perfect for under driveways and Gravel paths.

Tough weed control, under decking, garden paths, scree gardens, under block paving, aggregate drives, car parking areas, under Ecogrid, shed bases, patios, nursery poly tunnels, flower beds, shrub, rockeries, vegetable and fruit areas.

By nature this is a woven material and when cut can be subject to slight fraying on these cut edges. Please be aware this may happen when you handle and position your membrane.

PLEASE NOTE: This item will be sent boxed and folded; the membrane is cut from a much larger roll.

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Weight1.8 kg


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