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RainCatcher Filter Diverter


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RainCatcher Filter Diverter
Dimensions: 1335mm (h) x 285mm (w) x 180mm (d)
Weight: 1kg

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Product Description

RainCatcher Downpipe Filter Diverter For Water Butts / Tanks
Dimensions: 335mm (height) x 285mm (width) x 180mm (depth) | 1kg

RainCatcher 200LRainCatcher 200LRainCatcher 200L

RainCatcher Filter Diverter is a multipurpose asset to any rainwater system, as it acts as a rainwater harvesting filter and / or a storm water management slit trap. With simplicity in mind throughout its design, its intended to fit onto the wall with its downspout slits into the top.

This RainCatcher Diverter Kit includes:

  • RainCatcher Filter Diverter.
  • Interchangeable filter baskets with varying mesh sizes according to your needs.
  • Hose tail connector for either side outlet from the tank and tank sealed connector.
  • Reinforced connector pipe.
  • Wall fixings.

Product Features:

Fully ECA approved.Strong robust design, UV stable.
Fully approved on the water technology list.Easily removable, interchangeable filter basket.
Fits any downpipe, square or round, up to 110mm.Overflow into drain when supply tank is full.
Optional regular valve to switch off or reduce winter flow.


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