Spring Bulb Planting – Autumn 2021

Its exciting times………………………………………………………….Now is the time to plant out those spring bulbs. First things first it is to pick your bulbs. Not as easy as you might think; when there are so many to choose from. This year I have gone for a variety of bulbs that are all pink/purple, crocus, 2 colours of alliums, […]

Autumn in the Garden

Autumn Gardens, Its autumn and the days are darker and wetter. There are still some jobs to keep your garden going for the next few months before the winter starts. There are several plants that can keep your garden looking bright and beautiful even as the leaves fall. Asters, cyclamen, Fuchsia, Dahlia, Pansies, Heather all […]

Bog garden

Following on from previous blogs about waterlogging and dealing with too moist areas; its time to celebrate these damp and wet areas by creating a bog garden.  Adding a new bog area will increase local ecosystems and biodiversity. Bog gardens are also great for a transitioning from a pond back to a drier part of […]

Non woven geotextile membrane

Geotextile membrane is a fabric used for engineering purposes including drainage, filtration, separation, reinforcement, soakaways, and land drains. Truly a versatile product that is an important part of many projects. Geotextile membrane can also be referred to as terram – This is a brand name but the same product. Geotextile membrane is a fabric made […]

garden water Storage

Why not harvest your rainwater? It is easy to save water from your down pipe to your chosen water storage. It also allows you to help the environment locally by saving your water from saturating the ground. Plants love rainwater and its not got added chlorine like your tap water and it is an easy […]

annuals or perennials??

Annuals or Perennials??   If your new to the gardening bug, then you might be undecided on what type of plants to fill your garden or plant pots. Annuals and perennials are two categories of plants that can really add something to your garden. Annuals live for one year and include lavender, geranium, dianthus. This […]

Gardening Terms

  Gardening term – Jargon Busting 2018 is the year of the garden and if you’re just starting out on your gardening journey you may be unfamiliar with some of the terms used for plants. So, this week we are focussing on some of these terms and explaining them for us newbies.   Perennial –  […]

Naturally keeping pests away

Keeping Garden pests at bay; As we look forward to summer; seeing more garden growth and new discoveries every day. It is hard to remind yourself that out there in the garden are pests lurking to munch on your lovely new growth and veggies. This week we are looking into what you can do to […]


This week’s blog is on one of the most enjoyable fruits to grow the humble strawberry. A summer essential that also adds to the colour in your garden. This is an easy plant to grow and is a great one to get the kids involved. I have a couple of cold stored runners to re […]

The March Garden

Yes Spring is here….. The first month of spring is here, it’s a tricky one weather wise; but there are still things to do in the garden. You’ve probably noticed out and about that spring bulbs are starting to appear let’s hope they are also adding some colour to your garden and bringing some joy […]