220-300mm Square to Round – Grass ManHole Drain Cover

  • CD 300SR-GT Recessed Manhole Cover & Frame
    • Clear Opening 220 to 300mm x 80mm
    • External Dimensions 438mm x 438mm x 93mm*

Please note these are made to order – please allow +1 day on lead time for delivery in busy times.



Manhole inspection chamber cover specifically designed for lawns and grass areas.


This range of manhole covers enables you to effectively hide ugly cast iron or metal covers that are ruining an otherwise beautiful grassed area but still giving you instant access should you ever need to access the drain system below.

The covers are available in 80mm and 100mm depths which are both tried and tested as sufficient to allow and promote good grass growth.

All covers are specified by their clear opening size which is the size of the hole in the ground.

  • CD 300SR-GT Recessed Manhole Cover & Frame
    • Clear Opening 220 to 300mm x 80mm
    • External Dimensions 438mm x 438mm x 93mm*
*Not including any strengthening supports.
Fitting grass top drain covers is also very easy to do. Tools & equipment needed:
| Hammer | Bag of ready mixed cement | Trowel (or spatula) | Compost / Top Soil | Grass Seed or a roll of Turf |
Fitting steps:
  1. Remove old lid and utilise hammer to remove the old frame and and cement holding it in place (don’t fall into hole)
  2. Mix your pre mixed cement with some water to make a cake mix type slightly stiff consistency
  3. Add the mix around the hole where the cover will sit
  4. Place the cover down on the mix and use the hammer gently to level the cover into the mix at the same height as the surrounding grass
  5. Allow the mix to set overnight
  6. Fill the cover and surrounding ground with your topsoil / compost. Fill level if using seed or 20mm lower than surface if using rolled turf
  7. Spread grass seed and wait for growth or roll out turn and compact into the cover and surrounding ground.
  8. Job done! All in all maybe 2 hrs work and a great result.

images for illustrative purposes only – if you would like an image of the exact product please ask. covers vary slightly the larger they get and 750×600 and bigger do not have integrated keys.

Grass Manhole Covers – Measuring the clear opening size needed


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