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RainCatcher 750L


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Above Ground Rainwater Tank
Dimensions: 1600mm (l) x 600mm (d) x 1000mm (h)
Weight: 40kg (approx)

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Product Description

RainCatcher 750L Above Ground Rainwater Tank
Dimensions: 1600mm (length) x 600mm (depth) x 1000mm (height) | 40kg (approx)

RainCatcher 750LRainCatcher 750L

Here is the RainCatcher 750L, which is a unique and practical Rainwater Harvesting Tank.

It will be an aesthetical commendation to any domestic, commercial or industrial property – to achieve solutions for simple rainwater storage or storm water attenuation. Also very suitable for a home or garden full rainwater harvesting system for a garden or home with the addition of filtration and pumping equipment.

Featuring a “plug and play” system to ensure the products expandability can be achieved with minimum effort to harvest rainwater for wide number of other applications. This 750L solution is only 600mm deep, proving an extremely viable method of storing rainwater whilst utilising a compact space.

Product Features:

Snap-action tap included.
5nr quality ingress/egress points.
Forklift base points for easy transportation.
Factory modifiable on request (i.e. tap to the side, special fittings etc.).
Removable lid allowing full access to the tank to place pumps or additional fittings.


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