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Spudulica White Geotextile tape

7.5cm width x 50m length – White

Geotextile Membrane Joining Tape 7.5cm Wide roll of Adhesive Tape for joining Geotexile Membranes within multiple applications like Astro Turf, Artifical grass, soakaway crate systems. Soakaway Joining Tape water resistant to keep landscape membrane in place once installed. Also usefull for other outdoor projects using weed control membrane. Tough and Versatile Roll, can be overlapped for extra strength and width. Cut with Sharp sissors to your required length. Easy to store for future use.


Order On Express Delivery In The Next To Get It On Wednesday, Feb 28


Spudulica Geotextile Membrane Joining Joint Tape

Width: 7.5cm Colour: White

Tough geotextile tape is used for securing your geotextile pieces and soakaway edges firmly together. Also useful for a variety of outdoor projects both above and below ground. Weed control membrane to joint geotextile fabric for weed control membrane, underlay for artificial grass and astro turf. No need for pins and can flex, recommended 30-50cm at least for lower traffic applications. Tape also good for soakaway systems within the ground and will ensure membrane is in place to keep debris out of your system. Tape is 7.5cm width by 50m length so provides a lot of coverage for your project needs. Overlap the tape for another level of security. Tape needs to be firmly attached to geotextiles to allow it to stick easily. Tough fabric tape tested for drainage applications. Easy to store and reuse when needed for your next project. Unroll the Tape along joints needed for easy connections. Duct tape alternative. This white tape is strong and waterproof.

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