Geotextile Pegs – For Fixing & Jointing Geotextiles

U shaped Galvanized Metal Pegs Pins

Flat Top Application For Easy Installation



U shaped Galvanized metal pegs or pins for securing weed fabric, matting, netting, turf, artificial grass, non woven geotextile fabrics of varying GSM, Irrigation tubing, ground sheets, polyethene sheeting, woven geotextiles, sprinkler controls, garden decorations, Garden edging, frost cloth, tarps.

U shaped galvanised pegs or pins with a flat top for easy insertion and visibility when installed. Easy to remove if needed and can be re used time and time again.

15cm length

2.5cm width

3mm thickness

Flat top design

Sharp ends for easy penetration.

No rusting

Easy to use for many outdoor projects.

Easy to install no equipment needed.

Just press pegs into the soil, subbase, gravel or fabric to secure your fabrics easily, placing 2 per square metre for a consistent and secure layer.

If you need geotextile for your project take a look at our geotextiles section. We have sizes suitable for all projects from 2.2 metres x 1 metre to full rolls (100 metres x 4.5 metres) both woven and non woven options.

Choose from the menu to pick the number you require, from 10 – 500 quantities available. Don’t see what you want? Send us a message and we can supply what you need.




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