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Landscaping Non-Woven 1.1m Width - Larger Cuts
Landscaping Non-Woven 1.1m Width - Larger Cuts
Landscaping Non-Woven 1.1m Width - Larger Cuts
Landscaping Non-Woven 1.1m Width - Larger Cuts
Landscaping Non-Woven 1.1m Width - Larger Cuts
Landscaping Non-Woven 1.1m Width - Larger Cuts
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1.1m x 20m (22 m²)
1.1m x 25m (27.5 m²)
1.1m x 30m (33 m²)
1.1m x 40m (44 m²)
1.1m x 45m (49.5 m²)
1.1m x 50m (55 m²)
1.1m x 60m (66 m²)
1.1m x 70m (77 m²)
1.1m x 80m (88 m²)
1.1m x 90m (99 m²)
1.1m x 100m (110 m²)
Cut Size (Coverage)
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Spudulica Landscaping Fabric - Narrow Width

A tough non-woven geotextile; cut to size pieces that allow you to fulfil your requirements with zero waste.

1.1m width perfect for rectangular areas or larger areas. This fabric is great for ground protection, stability and for a variety of landscaping projects. It is also used commonly for Artificial Grass, Garden Gravel Areas, Raised Beds, Paths, Under Paving, Decking, Under Permeable Paving and Planting Beds.

This fabric is cut by the metre, stocked and supplied from the UK. The fabric cannot ripped by hand or by stone and gravel and will help to improve the longevity of your outdoor projects. Versatile for above and below ground applications in your garden or outdoor areas. Non-woven geotextile can help inhibit weeds and slow the growth of unwanted greenery.

Non-Woven landscape fabric
• Dimensions: 1.1m width by various lengths you choose what you need
• GSM: 100

The geotextile will work as another base layer between for example your subbase stone and gravel layer in a gravel driveway. The fabric helps to provide stabilisation of the layers so the type 1 and gravel don’t mix over time creating an uneven base. The strength of the fabric is also an asset in keeping foundations stable over time. It also allows water to drain through, whilst remaining tough, to achieve separation and puncture resistant layer. This is the fabric for you if you have any drainage requirement in your project it provides a layer to prevent soil moving but allowing water through.

All products are thermally bonded to provide a durable and tough fabric which has proven to be one of the highest quality general purpose membranes on the market.

Just choose the size you want from our handy options. Sizes given in metres length x width and then area (M2).

Please note: this item will be sent boxed and folded you buy what size you need without waste; the membrane is cut from a much larger roll. All geotextile membranes need to be covered sufficiently for them to perform over a long term. Ground must be prepared before installation.

We also have a similar option at 2.25m width if you have a narrower requirement for your project.

Need any specifications or have questions check out our additional information and FAQ tabs or for geotextile uses check out our blog.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

We've put it down before the MOT 1 sub base It was the perfect length for our driveway, which was a bonus. Once the hardcore was down on it, the membrane stayed in place. Time will tell regarding the weeds.

Good strong geotextile

Good quality geotextile, have used this behind Gabion baskets and it performs well. Arrives cut and boxed, not in a roll. Can't comment on longevity yet but so far, so good.

Susan Lee
Perfect for the job

It did what it said it would.

Simon R.
Good Quality Reasonable Price

Good quality filtration membrane used to separate soil from my newly built Gabion Basket retaining wall. Good price & arrived very quickly. Rate as bought another.

Drains easily, tough fabric

Used 20m of this to line a french drain running down my garden. It's a robust fabric that lets the water through very easily so I think it does a really good job. It's brilliant white so feels a bit weird putting it in the mud!



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