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Rain Bloc Filtration & Attenuation Crate 300L - Geotextile & Joining Tape
Rain Bloc Filtration & Attenuation Crate 300L - Geotextile & Joining Tape
Rain Bloc Filtration & Attenuation Crate 300L - Geotextile & Joining Tape
Rain Bloc Filtration & Attenuation Crate 300L - Geotextile & Joining Tape
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Large Soakaway Kit Solutions

The Rain Bloc Filtration and Attenuation Crate System, your eco-friendly ally in effective water management. With a generous 300L capacity, this system is engineered to provide a robust solution for excess rainwater storage while contributing to flood risk reduction.

Enabling surface water to be soaked down into the crates away from the surface into the ground, then further dissipating the gathered water into the lower ground clearing water quickly from the your lawn and stopping puddles and furthur issues.

Pack Contains: Rain Bloc 300L Crate, Spudulica 100gsm Geotextile Membrane + Joining Tape To Suit

Capacities Available: 300L, 600L, 900L, 1200L, 1500L, 1800L, 2100L & 2400L (kits comprise of multiple 300L capacity crates)

Crate Dimensions: 1200mm x 600mm x 420mm Crate Storage Volume: 300L

Crate Weight: 14kg (approx)

Key Features:

  • Eco-Conscious Design: Crafted from recycled polyethylene, our crates are as kind to the environment as they are tough against waterlogging.
  • Load Bearing: Engineered to add structural support at various levels, ensuring stability and reliability.
  • Flood Risk Mitigation: By storing excess rainwater, our system plays a crucial role in reducing the likelihood of flooding.
  • Simplified Installation: The lightweight design, weighing just 15kg per block, allows for easy handling and installation without heavy machinery.
  • Versatile Configuration: Install the blocks in either block or row formation to suit your environmental conditions and storage needs, with up to 10 layers for maximum capacity.

Long-Term Efficiency: Our system is not only designed for immediate water drainage but also for future-proof water management. The geotextile membrane wrap filters rainwater and stormwater, preventing debris from entering the system and ensuring long-lasting functionality. Tape allows for easy wrapping and installation.

Sustainable Water Reuse: For scenarios requiring water reuse, the Rain Bloc system can transform into a large underground tank. Wrapped in a geotextile membrane, it efficiently pumps and repurposes water, aligning with sustainable practices.

Please Note: To guarantee optimal performance, we recommend conducting a percolation test to assess ground suitability for a soakaway. Guidance for this test is readily available online.

Need any specifications or have questions check out our additional information and FAQ tabs or for geotextile uses check out our Blog.

Customer Reviews

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Robert Mullan
Soakaway cum rainwater storage

I am very pleased with my 600 litre soakaway crate. The seapage into the ground is very slow so I am going to instal a hand pump which can draw water from the crate. This means that as well as it being a slow soakaway I will be able to draw rain water for the garden as well as empty water from the crate when it is overfull (and thus not draining away quickly enough). Your crate was perfect for my project.

Seems to work well

Bought this to form a drainage and sump in a garden. Robust membrane which I cut with a modelling knife (scissors did not work for me).

It works

No more flooding. Just what I needed when I ordered

Great simple solution

Bought this for a waterlogged area in my garden. Simple process of diffing a hole, placing the crate (wrapped) in and it has done the trick for me.



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