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Soakaway Non-Woven 1.1m Width - Smaller Cuts
Soakaway Non-Woven 1.1m Width - Smaller Cuts
Soakaway Non-Woven 1.1m Width - Smaller Cuts
Soakaway Non-Woven 1.1m Width - Smaller Cuts
Soakaway Non-Woven 1.1m Width - Smaller Cuts
Soakaway Non-Woven 1.1m Width - Smaller Cuts
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1.1m x 1m (1.1 m²)
1.1m x 2m (2.2 m²)
1.1m x 3m (3.3 m²)
1.1m x 4m (4.4 m²)
1.1m x 5m (5.5 m²)
1.1m x 6m (6.6 m²)
1.1m x 7m (7.7 m²)
1.1m x 8m (8.8 m²)
1.1m x 10m (11 m²)
1.1m x 12m (13.2 m²)
1.1m x 14m (15.4 m²)
1.1m x 16m (17.6 m²)
1.1m x 18m (19.8 m²)
Cut Size (Coverage)
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Spudulica Soakaway Fabric - Narrow

A tough non-woven geotextile; cut to size pieces that allow you to fulfil your requirements with zero waste.

1.1m width perfect for tank wrapping and drainage projects. Such as French drains, soakaway systems, irrigation, drainage channels, as well as planter lining and drainage layers within sub bases. Perfectly sized to wrap pipework in any drainage project.

Our non-woven drainage fabric, allows water to drain through, whilst remaining tough, to achieve separation and puncture resistant layer. This is the fabric for you if you have any drainage projects, French drains or drainage ditches. Providing a layer to prevent soil moving but allowing water through.

This membrane fabric is not ripped by hand and can help to improve the longevity of your outdoor projects. Versatile for above and below ground applications in your garden or outdoor project. Non-woven geotextile can also help inhibit weeds and slow the growth of unwanted greenery.

Non-Woven drainage membrane
• Dimensions: 1.1m width by various lengths you choose what you need
• GSM: 100

All products are thermally bonded to provide a durable and tough fabric which has proven to be one of the highest quality general purpose membranes on the market.

Just choose the size you want from our handy options. Sizes given in Metres and then area (M2).

Please note: this item will be sent boxed and folded you buy what size you need without waste ; the membrane is cut from a much larger roll. All geotextile membranes need to be covered sufficiently for them to perform over a long term. Ground must be prepared before installation.

We also have a similar option at 2.25m width if you have a narrower requirement for your project. We also stock handy soakaway kit systems with crates, tape and geotextile at a variety of sizes.

Need any specifications or have questions check out our additional information and FAQ tabs or for geotextile uses check out our Blog.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mr B T
Soakaway liner

I needed a soakaway liner - apparently a "non-woven" membrane is what is required, so water can pass through instead of being retained.
I ordered Spudlica GeoTextile Membrane 100gsm, and tested it before installing by cutting a small piece to fit into a sieve, then pouring water in: it's very free draining!
The membrane is quite easy to work with - very light, easily cut with scissors. I was careful working with it because I think it could be quite easy to tear or puncture against sharp objects. The only drawback I found to using it was that the recommended EcoGrid Geotextile Membrane Joining Joint Tape wasn't particularly good: it really wasn't very sticky, and a few hours after taping two sheets of membrane together they had largely come apart again. So I guess that there's not much chance of this tape holding the membrane together now it's buried in the ground... which might mean there's a route in for roots. I'd be tempted to use duct tape if doing it again (though this might be absolutely the wrong thing to do?).

Good quality geotextile

Good quality textile used for lining a small garden drainage system and a soak away. Don't see any problems popping up from this product and I'd happily buy again.

One fathom deep

Product arrived on time and was sufficient for one 150 liter soak away. Appears to be working but is buried in the ground so hard to tell.

Appears to do the job well.

Used this product for a small soak away project on ground with with a high concentration of clay. Visible water in soak away appears clear therefor filtration specification appears true. Durability aspect will take time to assess.

Linda Jessup
It works

To wrap around soakaway crates



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