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Non Woven Horse Arena Membrane Package
Non Woven Horse Arena Membrane Package
Non Woven Horse Arena Membrane Package
Non Woven Horse Arena Membrane Package
Non Woven Horse Arena Membrane Package
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Arena Size (Coverage)
20 x 20m (450m2)
20 x 40m (900m2)
30 x 40m (1350m2)
40 x 40m (1800m2)
40 x 60m (2400m2)
Arena Size (Coverage)
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 Non-Woven Horse Arena Membrane Packages

A non-woven layer is important directly under your riding surface, to help with water drainage and filtration through the other base layers. Providing a long term solution for stability and water movement in your area base layers.

This membrane is a heat bonded membrane that will facilitate drainage without layer mixing that can cause unevenness in the surface  over time. Non-woven fabric is usually a white/off white colour. All products are thermally bonded to provide a durable and tough fabric which has proven to be one of the highest quality general purpose membranes on the market.

Just choose the size you want from our handy options. Sizes given in metres length x width and then area (M2). For larger areas please factor in overlap for any joins or edges at a minimum 500m heavy usage may require more overlap and securing.

Tape is also supplied to reinforce overlapped sections to prevent weak points developing as the surface is used. Tape is tough and tested for use with drainage fabrics. Rolls of tape are 10cm width by 50m length.

Horse Arena Packages are for top layer of geotextile fleece to separate riding surface from the sub-base below. Supplied in the package is sufficient membrane and tape for the seams and overlap sections.

20 x 20 arena - 1 x full rolls 4.5 x 100m (450m2) + 2 rolls of tape

20 x 40 arena - 2 x full rolls 4.5 x 100m (900m2) + 4 rolls of tape

30 x 40 arena - 3 full rolls 4.5 x 100m (1350m2) + 8 rolls tape

40 x 40 arena - 4 x full rolls 4.5 x 100m (1800m2) + 10 rolls of tape

40 x 60 arena - 6 x full rolls 4.5 x 100m (2400m2) + 12 rolls tape

Suggested Uses: Non-woven geotextile is designed for filtration and separation applications, such as:

  • Equestrian; horse arenas, paddocks
  • Road construction
  • French drains, trench lining Weed control fabric
  • Soakaway and attenuation tank wrapping
  • Driveways

Please note: Full roll 4.5 m width, 100m length roll - Tail lift will be available for offloading by the courier, Full rolls are large and heavy best to plan for help for moving and storage. All geotextile membranes need to be covered sufficiently for them to perform over a long term. Ground must be prepared before installation.

We also have a selection smaller options available if you have a smaller requirement for your project.

Need any specifications or have questions check out our additional information and FAQ tabs or for geotextile uses check out our blog.



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