Rain Bloc Filtration and Attenuation Crate System

Rain Bloc Filtration and Attenuation Crate System
Capacity: 300L

Provides Storage For Excess Rainwater ✔
Produced From Recycled Polyethylene ✔
Adds Load Bearing To Various Levels ✔
Reducing Flood Risk ✔
Easy Installation ✔



Rain Bloc Filtration and Attenuation Crate System
Capacity: 300L


Rain Bloc Filtration and Attenuation Crate SystemRain Bloc Filtration and Attenuation Crate System

A lightweight but robust soak away solution, achieved through the surface water being soaked quickly into the crates, then dissipates into the lower ground below. Also benefiting from a long lifespan and easy installation to implement it with ease.

In a scenario where the reuse of water is required, then the block system can be wrapped in a geotextile membrane whilst forming into a large underground tank which can pump the water for reuse. This crate system can be supplied with an appropriate geotextile layer to wrap the crates for infiltration systems and attenuation systems.

Depending on environment conditions and the desired storage capacity, these blocks can be installed in block or row formation (10 layers maximum). Installation of the blocks is kept easy without the need of heavy equipment as each block weighs 15kgs.

The achievement of successful flood risk management can only be achieved through continuous change and improvement in managing the runoff of rainwater.

Product Features:

Geotextile membrane can be implemented to filter rainwater and stormwaterDecreases environmental problems caused by water log development
Provides storage for excess rainwater helping to prevent floodingHelps to avoid peak waterflows to drainage and purification systems
Adds load bearing to various levelsReducing flood risk<
Easy installation

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